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Candle Care and Safety Tips

Please read the information below to keep your home safe while burning candles. 

Safety and Burning Tips

It is very important that you burn your candles responsibly to ensure its safe use. Please read below for safety tips to enjoy your candles safely.

• Remove all packaging/ plastic before lighting

• Keep out of reach of children and pets.

• Place your candle on a protected, heat-resistant, dry surface, away from anything that can catch fire.

▪ Keep wick(s) trimmed to at least ¼ inch anytime you are burning your candle. 

▪ During the first time you light your candle, you may experience black smoke/ soot; this is common depending on the kind of fragrance candle that you have chosen. This will dissipate after a short time on the first burn.

▪ If black smoke continues, extinguish your flame and ensure your wick is trimmed to at least ¼ inch.

▪ Candles should only be lit for 4 (four) hours at a time, at which that time, flames should be extinguished and wick should be trimmed before lighting.

▪ Trim your wick before each use.

▪ If smoking occurs

▪ check for drafts or high traffic areas, which may cause flame to flicker and smoke.

▪ Keep your wax pool free of wick trimmings or any combustible material. Keep the wick centered.

▪ Avoid burning candles in drafts.

▪ Never leave burning candles unattended.

▪ Be sure it is in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or intense light. 

▪  Be sure not to leave our candles in your car for an extended period of time 

▪ Extreme cold may cause cracking and separation. 

▪ After long exposure to cold temperatures, allow the candle to return to room temperature for at least 2 hours before burning it.

▪ Please handle glass containers with care. Avoid glass-to-glass contact when removing or replacing the lid. Do not use if the jar is cracked, chipped, or scratched. Do not refill with wax.

▪ Do not allow the flame to touch the side of the jar. The jar may become hot. Handle carefully.

▪ To minimize wax left on the sides of the jar, burn your candle for 3 hours at a time. It is normal for a small amount of wax to be left. The amount may vary by color, fragrance, and burning conditions.

▪ Prevent possible heat damage to the counter/surface by discontinuing use when 1/2" of wax remains at the bottom of the jar. Only burn in a suitable holder, or on a plate or other other fire- and heat-resistant

▪ Extinguish carefully before replacing the lid.

▪ When extinguishing your candle, you may notice black soot on the jar depending on the kind of fragrance you have chosen, you can simply use a wet rag or paper towel to wipe the soot from the jar before relighting.

▪ Remember to trim your wick!!!

For Issues, Questions or Concerns please contact us!

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